Salesforce Winter ’20 Arrival!

Starting September 20th, orgs are seeing the Winter ’20 update roll out to their Salesforce platforms.

The updates are being rolled out through October 11, by which time every org will have updated to the Winter ’20 release. This release includes tons of cool new features to look forward to. Some of these features are features users have been asking for, as well as further enhancement of some of Salesforces’ best features. Winter ’20 is also bringing Lightning experience to all users as a part of their initiative to switch everyone off Classic into Lightning. Lightning will also bringing the Recycle Bin feature from Classic, so hopefully they won’t leave too much to miss. There’s also more integration for better interactions with customers, such as incorporation with WhatsApp and WeChat, which will allow for a broader market.

We’ve written more about the new features coming in Winter ’20 here, as a general overview, as well as the highlights we’re especially excited for here. We here at CloudAlta are upgrading as soon as within the next week, and we couldn’t be more excited! You can find information on how to see when your org will update on the Salesforce website here.

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