CloudAlta’s Salesforce Services

Salesforce is a robust technology platform that allows firms to streamline different business functions from Sales to Service to Marketing. Almost any business process can be implemented within Salesforce products. 


We take care of your initial Salesforce Implementation, realizing activities such as:

  1. Data Import/Cleanup
  2. Email Integration
  3. Integration with other Systems
  4. Customize Reports and Dashboard
  5. Workflows and Automations
  6. End User Training

Managed Services

Ensure proper running of your Salesforce org with our Salesforce Admin services, which include managing:

  1. Automation processes workflows
  2. Custom Fields, Objects, Page Layouts, Picklists, Validation Rules
  3. Reports/Dashboards
  4. Email Templates
  5. Training
  6. Resolving Helpdesk cases involving Salesforce


Leverage our development resources to enhance and improve complex processes within Salesforce.

We’ll handle everything from the coding to production migration!


Our collective knowledge allows us to provide efficient solutions to tackle the most complex problems. We can help organize and plan, among many others:

  1. Complex Integrations with other systems
  2. Decommissioning legacy databases and using Salesforce as ‘source of truth’
  3. Mass Enhancements
    Assigning Permissions/User Licenses and object R/W Defaults in a large org.

Migrate to Lightning

Ensure your custom processes and code are up to date and that your users are trained to take full advantage of Salesforce Lightning.

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