Salesforce Winter ‘20 Release Notes: Innovative Features Coming This Winter

Salesforce has put out their release notes for Winter 2020, and as always, there’s a lot of exciting information on their next plans for improving the platform. This time around, they’re focusing a lot on the mobile experience, as well as testing out some new algorithms to provide customizable ease of access to users when they use the service. 

Of course, Salesforce is continuing with phasing in Lightning Experience as the default platform. Starting in Winter 2020, Lightning experience will be permanently enabled once activated, and the update will happen on a rolling basis. They’re also beta-ing a lot of new personalized search functions, including recommended results based on the user’s profile, as well as search personalization, which uses an algorithm to sort results that Salesforce thinks are most relevant to you.

Other features are being upgraded/further integrated into Salesforce as well. You will now be able to put surveys into the process builder, as well as even downloading and automatically converting email responses into the survey format. Booking group appointments, even across timezones, will become a breeze with multi-resource and concurrent scheduling. Google and Microsoft integration is becoming smoother in Sales.

A particularly exciting new feature are new industries being added into the platform, including Manufacturing Cloud, Consumer Goods Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, and Health Cloud. Each new industry is customized to best serve the user’s needs- Manufacturing Cloud is set up in order to help track production and sales processes, while Consumer Goods Cloud will help you manage inventory in stores better and easier than before.

There is a lot of accessibility being added in the mobile app, as well. Notably, the Lightning App Builder is being better implemented into the mobile interface so that users can configure record pages, page templates, and component visibility on their phones. Users can customize record pages on their phone, and see more fields on objects.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of exciting features being added to Salesforce just this winter. You can read the full release notes here

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