Salesforce Winter ‘20 Release Notes: Highlights

Previously, we wrote a general overview about the exciting upcoming new features for the Salesforce Winter ’20 update. This time, let’s focus on a couple of specific features with especially great potential.

Search Betas

Something that’s particularly exciting is the introduction of the first betas in incorporating AI algorithms into the search engine. The search engine in a CRM is vital as the first doorway into how people interact with the platform. Everyone uses it, so it’s important that people are able to quickly find what they are looking for and sort out things that are irrelevant to them. New features such as search personalization and conversational search are being tested out, and if implemented correctly, could make an awesome difference in how users interact with the platform. Some aspects seem pretty intuitive, such as recommended results based on what profile or role the user has. A user in sales has different priorities than a user in service rep, and this can be further customized to suit any one’s individual org. This doesn’t even take into account the actual person, which is further elaborated on in recommended results, which uses an algorithm for Salesforce to determine what your priorities are and gets them to you faster. These new search functions are only being rolled out in beta, but they’re an exciting look at what’s to come in making the Salesforce search function an even greater and more accessible tool.

Adding More Service Clouds

Another feature in the upcoming ’20 update I find fascinating is the new Clouds for different services, specifically the Consumer Goods Cloud. Developed in order to allow chain stores to better communicate with each other over stock, deals, and products, the Consumer Goods Cloud has been designed in order to allow field reps to focus their energy on pushing sales and store satisfaction rather than on menial tasks like planning store visits and reviewing retail stock. The Consumer Goods Cloud includes features such as inventory audits, allowing reps to keep tabs on a certain product’s stock and creating a task for inventory audit visits, surveys to gauge both customer and employee feedback, and even a feature to train the Einstein AI to recognize objects and be able to detect them on store shelves. The Cloud also introduces a bunch of new objects, such as the “InStoreLocation” object, an object for where something would be actually physically located in the store, the “AssessmentTask” object, a special task for evaluating something in a store to gather information, and the “Promotion” object, for creating promotional activities either as a campaign or independently targeted for specific stores. The level of detail in the designing of this cloud is sure to make it indispensable for any businesses looking to implement Salesforce as a CRM for their stores.

These are just two of many incredibly features introduced in the Winter ’20 Salesforce notes! Read our more general overview here, or take a look at the release notes yourself on the Salesforce website.

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